Piss & Crush
on your tiny little town!

14:09 minutes

Giantess Miss Lizz and her tiny husband had a terrible fight and he ran away. So Lizz goes out into the forest looking for him. She stumbles upon a tiny little town where she thinks he might be hiding, and very politely asks if anyone has seen him. Unfortunately noone is willing to help so Lizz gets very angry. She knows they are hiding him somewhere so Lizz threatens to crush the entire town and all the people in it, even if it means the death of her own husband, but still noone will talk. Lizz finally looses her patience and begins crushing houses and buildings with her big feet. Then she sticks a car in her big pussy hoping her husband will come out screaming. Still noone will talk or confess to where Lizz's husband may be. Perhaps he is having an affair with a tiny woman? Or perhaps he would rather die then live with a Giantess. Never the less the entire town gets completely destroyed!!! Lizz is still not satisfied and feel completely disrespected so she pisses on the  tiny little town and all of it's ruins. "Piss on you and your tiny little town" she laughs. . . as the thick stream of yellow piss continues to gush out of her giant pussy! hahahahaha